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​Re-Fashioning T-shirts and Pillow Cases

February 11 2019

Gildan is my choice of t-shirt brand when it comes to  refashioning. It is rare for me to recommend a brand. Gildan is like Levi of Jeans although the company is based in Canada. The true steadfastness of colors, color choices, sizing, types of material and  washing results  give their products unmatched consistency and makes sewing and Re-fashioning Gildan products that much more enjoyable. I have no association with Gildan other than buying their products at A.C. Moore stores when they are on sale.
How to make a stright skirt: Buy a t-shirt a couple sizes larger than you wear as a shirt. I usually buy a 2x even though my size is a medium. I like scraps! Cut across the top of the tee. You will note the tee-is a tube and has no side seams. At the top of each sleeve, cut down from the top just below the end of the sleeve. Try putting on the shirt using the newly cut opening as the top of the skirt. Pin and sew down the length of the skirt creating a full side seam along the original sleeve opening and taper according to your likes . I often do not need a waist band because I use the stretch of the t-shirt to function as my waist band unless I want to have the waistband visible, in which case I use elastic.
To make a top: I usually rouche a sleeve. Or I cut out the sleeve, sew up the sleeve opening to the measurement of my real arm opening. Then I sew the sleeve back into the new arm opening creating some interesting tucks along the way. You can add embellishments with extra material . Click to see colors.

Create straight skirts also with pillowcases. If I want an interesting skirt I use two or three pillow cases, cut out panels to make a more interesting skirt and I have enough for a top.​ I have purchased both of the materials for the items to the right from a dollar store. The top picture skirt and top equaled three pillowcases = $3.00. The bottom plaid skirt is 1 pillowcase. 
Wallstreet Magnate  is a fantasy stock-trading platform and community website. ... Participants are given $100,000 in simulated currency to build their fantasy stock portfolio.
We created a Company Cookie using the The Cookie Stamp Co.   to create a Stamped sugar cookie and   Icinginks   to create an icing overlay cookie. Both companies are great. If you would like a company or personal logo for your cookies please call or contact me. I can walk you through the steps or help you create a logo.

The money bags seen on the side I sell separately. Please contact me for purchasing money bags.

Tiny Crafting & Sewing
Small crafts for 7-8 year olds

Where is the worry doll?  children can create collections and homes for worry dolls appoximately one inch tall. Order from amazon. 100 for $7.09 
Create worms from scrap material
Sweater/Vest clasps - Using mitten clasps, Paint them with nail polish, cover the elastic and voila sweater/vest clasps. Not all clasps are equal check out one of my favorites.

    Delicately Embossed Lace Kippa
    Sold separately or
    Build your own

    The Selma Lace Kippa
    The lace that started it all
    So pretty attaches with velcro and clip

    Velvet Embossed Mauve Kippa

    Velvet,  such a  beautiful mauve velvet with floral embossed. Fits on the crown of your head and comes with velcro and a clip. This is a special order kippa. Please contact me for an order.
    Design a Kippa

    Design a kippa with fabric of your choice. Possibilities are endless. Susan and M&S Smallberg of Fabric Fabrications will create a uniquely flexible and customizable kippa. For more details, See below: "Design a Kippa" from the store 

    Plan a Kippa Building Event

    Kippa Ensembles are prepared for all size groups. Each participant will receive: 
    One Selma Lace Kippa,
    One 5" embossed petal, 
    One 2/12 inch petal  
    One bud and rhinestone
    Three transparent velcro buttons
    To plan a group event, please call so we can discuss details, such as fabric,color and embellishments for the event.

    ​For more information, please contact: [email protected]